Eliz Colbert

eliz-colbertEliz Colbert

Executive Director, North Carolina Virtual Public School

Dr. Eliz Colbert joined the team at North Carolina Virtual Public School (NCVPS) in January 2013 as the Chief of Outreach and Support and later as the Chief of Operations. Dr. Colbert brought her leadership experiences at the school, district, and state level and merged those with existing leadership and learning models already in place at NCVPS. Prior to joining NCVPS, Dr. Colbert served as a building-level principal for nine years Wake County, North Carolina. In addition she worked in professional learning for the Wake County Schools and with the NC Department of Public Instruction. These roles have allowed Eliz to develop a specialty in facilitating and building collaborative teams. Dr. Colbert is a graduate of the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill and received a doctorate from Teachers College, Columbia University.  She is the proud mother of two children who attend NC public schools.